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150 horsepower diesel hydraulic pump
This pump is trailer mounted and diesel powered, making it extremely portable and excellent for unique outdoor locations.  It is capable of delivering 50 gallons per minute (GPM).


6, 10 gallon hydraulic bladder accumulator bank
This accumulator bank is used like a battery to add to your pump when extra oil supply is necessary, or to store oil pressure if you need to shut down your hydraulic pump for sound, during filming.  Has 1 1/2" plumbing joining the 6 accumulators together.  


40 Horsepower Hydraulic pump
This pump is electric (240 volts) and is capable of delivering 20 gallons per minute (GPM).   The pump is quiet and well maintained and has a built in cooling loop, to cool the oil on its way back into the reservoir.


4, 5 gallon accumulator bank
This accumulator bank is excellent to work like a battery, to add oil supply when necessary, or to store oil pressure to be used if your hydraulic pump needs to be shut down for sound, while filming.

For additional information and rental availablity please call: 805-376-0206

If there is hydraulic equipment you need that is not shown please contact us.  We have a large inventory of high pressure hose, valves, and pumps.  We also have the ability to design, build, and operate hydraulic systems and integrate them with mechanical applications.  We can build hydraulic systems that range from operation with a single lever "tractor valve" to computerized motion control systems with servo valves.

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