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502 Horsepower wind machine
This machine has a hydraulic pan and tilt and can either be operated from the seat on the trailer, or taken off the trailer and put on the forks of a Gradall.   As far as gasoline powered wind machines go, this is the most powerful in Hollywood.  It has a 90 inch propeller and can push wind 80 miles per hour at 50 feet.

18"  Mole Richardson E fans
Excellent for indoor close up work.  Our E fans are quiet and well maintained and come on stands.  They have a built in power outlet for a fog machine.  

Look Solutions "Viper" Fog machine
This machine is capable of putting out large amounts of fog in an interior or exterior environment.  It has a digital readout to maintain consistent levels.  

30 Gallon air mortar
Great for a non-pyrotechnic debris blast.  Comes with cone.

For additional information and rental availablity please call: 805-376-0206
If there is equipment you are looking for that is not shown, please contact us because we may have it, and haven't added it to the site yet. Or if you need something custom built we can do that too.  Please check out our design and fabrication section.

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