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500 HP Wind Machine
500 HP Wind Machine on set of
Car Flipper
Car flipping covered by Metro Miami
Counter Weight for Flipping Buses
Counter weight for flipping buses
AT&T Kevin Bacon Commercial
AT&T Commercial with Kevin Bacon
custom saftey floor
Saftey floor created for Green Hornet
2011 Academy Awards
Mark Noel with his wife, Sharon, and two of his sons, Casey and Jesse. 2011 Academy Award winner of Scientific Engineering for the NAC Servo Winches
MO on Spiderman 2 Set
MO on set Spiderman 2
MO Spinning Cockpit
MO used as a spinning cockpit
Short Circuit
Number 5 of Short Circuit
On set Transformers
On set Transformers
On set True Lies
Harrier jet using a motion base on True Lies
dog washer
Dog Washer
Duck phone
falling sign
Falling sign gag
flying car rigging
Flying car for Transformers 4 rigging
adapter frame
Mighty MO adapter frame
wind machine
NAC Wind Machine
rigging for car
Rigging for 2nd car on Transformers
Rigging for Transformers 4


My effects life began, what seems like 1,000 years ago, while I was in Junior High School. I started doing light shows for local garage bands (since I seemed to lack any musical ability). Through trial and error, I built most of my own lighting equipment. My non-paying obsession with this enterprise continued until I turned 20 years of age. While doing a light show at a nightclub in Venice, CA, I found myself talking with a rather inebriated special effects man, who soon asked me if I wanted to work in a movie studio (yeah, right!) Three days later I found myself working at MGM Studios. continue >>

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