About NAC

Mark T Noel started his career in Special Effects in the 7th grade, building and performing light shows for garage bands. Working as a nonprofit company until he was twenty, he somehow got a job at MGM Studios working on the movie ‘Logan’s Run’ which startled his mother to no end. For the next twenty years, he worked developing skills in hydraulics and electronics, to go on to build his first Motion Base, which was used on the movie ‘Almost Famous’. Mark’s Company, NAC, now has 5 Motion Bases and 3 Flying Rigs including the NAC Servo Winch System which won Mark a Scientific and Engineering Achievement Award at the 2011 Academy Awards.
Mark is very grateful for all the help and support he has received over the years. He lives with his wife Sharon in Moorpark, CA, and has three sons who are part of NAC.



Mini Mo 2001 SpiderMan
Green Goblin Wing
Mini Mo 2002 Italian Job
Armored Truck
Mini Mo 2003 Polar Express
Santa’s Sleigh
Mini Mo 2005 The Island Flying Cycle
Mini Mo 2005 Beowulf Boat
Mini Mo 2007 Spiderwick Chronicles Flying Griffin
Mini Mo 2008 Star Trek Flyer
Mini Mo 2008 Land of the Lost T-Rex
Mini Mo 2008 Bedtime Stories Spaceworm
Mini Mo 2008 Rebels Cyborg
Mini Mo 2008 Alice in Wonderland
Mad Hatter’s Hat
Mini Mo 2010 I’m in the Band Couch
Mini Mo 2011 Dragon Tattoo Motorcycle
Mini Mo 2012 Oz the Great & Powerful
Hot Air Balloon Basket
Mini Mo 2012 1000 A.E. Creature
Mini Mo 2013 The Voice
Snowboarding Chairs
Mini Mo 2014 Kickin It Motorcycle
Mini Mo 2014 EE Cell Network Rollercoaster
Mini Mo 2014 Time Warner Cable
Woman on Dragon
Mini Mo 2016 Jumanji Motorcycle
Mini Mo 2016 Sputnik Spaceship
Mini Mo 2017 Wrinkle in Time Flying Dragon
Mini Mo 2017 The Voice Throne
Mini Mo 2018 Ballad of Buster Scruggs Torso
Mini Mo 2018 Venom Motorcycle
Mini Mo 2018/19 Mandalorian Creatures
Mini Mo 2019 Clifford the Big Red Dog Torso
NACMO 2000 Almost Famous Airplane
NACMO 2000 Space Cowboys
Space Shuttle Cockpit
NACMO 2000 Spider-Man 1 Cable Car
NACMO 2001 Miinority Report Space Snail
NACMO 2002 Triple X Airplane
NACMO 2002 Cradle to the Grave
Motorcycle & Quadrunner
NACMO 2002 Charlie’s Angels II Helicopter
NACMO 2002 X-men X-Plane
NACMO 2002 Italian Job
Helicopter (real)
NACMO 2002 Along Came Polly Sailboat
NACMO 2003 Crossing Jordan Plane
NACMO 2003 Pluto Nash
Car & Motorhome
NACMO 2003 Starsky & Hutch Car
NACMO 2003 Aviator XF-11
NACMO 2004 Domino Elevator Cab
NACMO 2006 Haskett’s Chance Plane
NACMO 2006 Spider-Man 3 Taxi Cab
NACMO 2006 Transformers Robot
NACMO 2007 Jumper FX Boat
NACMO 2007 National Treasure 2
Balance Table
NACMO 2007 G-Force
Surveillance Van
NACMO 2007 Tonight He Comes/Hancock
Bulldozer Bucket
NACMO 2008 12 Rounds Helicopter
NACMO 2008 Surrogate
Helicopter (Real)
NACMO 2009 Sorcerer’s Apprentice Eagle Head
NACMO 2010 Fast & Furious 5
Corvette / Truck
NACMO 2011 Avengers Spaceship
NACMO 2011 Flight Airplane
NACMO 2012 Audi Commercial Car
NACMO 2012 Olympus Has Fallen
Helicopter Mockup
NACMO 2013 Hangover 3 Limo
NACMO 2013 Fast & Furious 7 Cars
NACMO 2013 Big Bang Theory Boat Set
NACMO 2013 Captain America 2 Helicopter
NACMO 2014 Agents of Shield
Flying Corvette
NACMO 2014 Fast & Furious 7 Cars
NACMO 2014 Fast & Furious 7 the Ride More Cars
NACMO 2014 Hail, Caesar! Life Boat
NACMO 2016 911 Elevator Car
NACMO 2016 Fast & Furious 8
6 Different Cars
NACMO 2016 Fast & Furious 8 & Trucks
NACMO 2017 Bright Cop Car
NACMO 2017 Behind Enemy Lines Jet Fighter
NACMO 2017 Valor Helicopter
NACMO 2019 Jumanji 2 Fighter plane
NACMO 2019 The Rescue Jet Ranger
Mighty Mo 2004 Zathura House
Mighty Mo 2006 Medium
Large Airplane Set
Mighty Mo 2006 Spider-Man 3 Armored Car
Mighty Mo 2006 Lions for Lambs Big Helicopter
Mighty Mo 2007 Die Hard 4 VTO Jet
Mighty Mo 2007 JumperFx Boat
Mighty Mo 2007 Mummy 3 Airplane
Mighty Mo 2007 Incredible Hulk Big Helicopter
Mighty Mo 2008 Witch Mountain Spaceship
Mighty Mo 2008 Hero
Large Airplane Set
Mighty Mo 2009 The Last Airbender Appa
Mighty Mo 2011 National Guard Commercial
Sikorsky Helicopter/Seahawk
Mighty Mo 2012 Bank of Norway Commercial Boat
Mighty Mo 2012 Last Resort
Nuclear Sub Conning Tower
Mighty Mo 2012 Wolf of Wall Street Yacht
Mighty Mo 2012 Bank of America Commercial Boat
Mighty Mo 2013 Interstellar Spaceships
Mighty Mo 2014 American Sniper
Cockpit & Helicopter
Mighty Mo 2014 Terminator 5 Helicopter
Mighty Mo 2014 Medium
Roof of House*
Mighty Mo 2014 The Finest Hours
36′ Coast Guard Rescue Boat
Mighty Mo 2015 Ninja Turtles
C-130 Cockpit
Mighty Mo 2015 Suicide Squad Helicopter
Mighty Mo 2015 Sully Cockpit 320
Mighty Mo 2016 Jumanji Helicopter
Mighty Mo 2017 Rampage
Int. of large Airplane
Mighty Mo 2019 First Man
Gemini Capsule
Mighty Mo 2019 NeXt
737 30′ Main Cabin
MO 2011 Transformers III Spaceship
MO 2011 Pacific Rim
65,000 lb Robot Heads
MO 2013 Amazing Spiderman 2 G-5 Aircraft
MO 2013 Transformers 4 Spaceship
MO 2014 Medium
Roof of House*
MO 2015 Insurgent
Troop Carrier & Space Lander
MO 2016 Transformer 5
Large Helicopter, Submarine, Submersible
MO 2017 Godzilla
Large Helicopter
MO 2019 The Rescue 320 Cockpit
Rental Motion Base
1993 True Lies Harrier Jet
Servo Winches
2006 Spider-Man 3 Taxi
Servo Winches
2008 DragonBall:Evolution Hummer
Servo Winches
2009 Green Hornet Black Beauty
Servo Winches
2011 Spider-Man 4 Limo
Servo Winches
2013 Transformers 4 Cars
Servo Winches
2017 Chevy Commercial Flying Car
Servo Winches
2019 The Rescue
Truck Cab pulled from Underwater
*Two Motion Bases working in conjunction with one another.